Set up Events API

Events API will help improve your tracking precision
Let’s jump right in with how to send server events to your TikTok pixels through Events API

Get an access token

The access token is a key that allows our app to send server events to the TikTok server through Events API. Server events will be stored in your pixel ID and processed the same way as browser events by Tiktok

Pass the access token to the Omega app

Check out this video for detailed instructions:
That’s it! Your next task is testing if server events are sent properly.

Check if your Events API is working well

You can either use the Omega Test Tool or the TikTok Event Test Code
💡 First, copy this line ?otEnableTrackTool=1 and follow the steps
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You can also double check in your Event Manager

TikTok Event Test Code

Go to your TikTok Pixel -> Test Events -> Copy the test code

Paste the code to Omega

That's it. You can perform some test actions & go back to the TikTok Test Events tab to see the test events result.
Important: You have to remove the test code after testing for the live events to arrive properly